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The GEL-AIRE Pressure Relief Therapy System is a pro-active solution for the prevention of pressure ulcers of the skin. A network of inter-connected silicone gel and air bolster cells automatically re-distributes the air and provides customized therapeutic relief.

SHEAR, FRICTION, POOR POSITION, BACTERIA AND HEAT & MOISTURE are the primary causes of pressure ulcers. Below is a comparison of three current forms of pressure ulcer prevention that exist in the market today and the benefits of the GEL-AIRE brand of products.


SHEAR - GEL-AIRE Silicone gel is a semi-solid system that consists of a network of solid aggregate colloidal polymers, which exhibit elastic properties, significantly reducing the problems caused by shear.

FRICTION - GEL-AIRE Silicone gel and the thermalpolyurethane (TPU) covering is the most skin-friendly material. It has a "Skin-like" soft touch which reduces friction.

POSITION - Foam requires different layers and density to establish effective body part positioning.?GEL-AIRE cells allow body parts to establish their own level of comfort and adjust freely to the shape and size of the patient user.

HEAT & MOISTURE - Foam does not provide optimal air flow and is not an effective resistant to heat and moisture. GEL-AIRE products provide an air flow channel between each cell and feature PERMA-TEMP, a technologically advanced temperature dispersion feature which provides a constant "Cool-ness" that resists body temperature fluctuations, effectively reducing uncomfortable moisture build-up.

BACTERIA - GEL-AIRE products are latex-free and non-allergenic. Inert material will not support bacterial growth. Easy cleaning and care maintenance is conducive to a germ-free environment.